Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Share Your Ride/Get A Ride

The CUNY Law Green Coalition, Queens College, and the CUNY Law Sustainability Council invite you to join CommuterLink - a New York based rideshare service. It's free. And it will help us reduce our impact on the earth by minimizing the number of cars we bring to campus every day. Students at Queens College and CUNY Law who drive to school or need a ride - this webpage will help you find others to share with.

The registration page for CUNY Law students is here:

Direct from CommuterLink:

CommuterLink is now offering students, faculty, and staff of the CUNY School of Law a new way to travel. Through CommuterLink's carpooling match program, commuters can now easily find someone to travel with to and from work.

CommuterLink's FREE Ride Matching service, which will match you with carpool or vanpool partners who live or work near you, and work or study similar hours.

Guaranteed Ride Home ( GRH ): If you carpool and have to stay late unexpectedly or leave early in the event of an emergency, CommuterLink will reimburse you for a taxi or transit up to$40.00 per ride $200.00 per year .

Save Money: Save Money by splitting the cost of driving, from gas to parking to maintenence.

Reduce Stress: Having someone else drive means some days you can relax, read, or take a nap. (Check out our useful tips on car pooling etiquette!)

Enjoy the Ride: Working students of a commuter college don't have much time to spend with fellow students. Share the ride and blow off steam after class.

Earn money and form a Vanpool: CommuterLink makes it easy to start a vanpool. In fact, we do more of the work for you, from contacting prospects to making lease arrangments. While some vanpools use a vehicle owned by a member of the groups, most lease their van from a third-party provider with CommuterLink's assistance. The lease includes all maintenance costs and insurance, and requires no long-term financial obligation.

Save the Environment: Taking transit, carpooling or being part of a vanpool instead of driving alone can cut harmful auto emissions up to 85%. That means the air we breathe will be cleaner and there will be less health risks to ourselves and our families.

Mass Transit Route: Our expert staff will plot out a door to door itinerary for you complete with transfers and times, showing you the most convenient way to work. Give it a try!

For more about the CUNY Law Green Coalition, check out our blog:

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