Sunday, April 25, 2010

the clothing swap!

Earth week, Earth Day, so much GC activity.

Here are some photos from the swap, and this writer asks the readers to recognize that he arrived well after it was over and he assumes there was much more than we can witness in the photos here.

Many thanks to Paula Segal and Laura Mott for hauling it all into the car before the terrential downpour!

Donations ended up going to Beacon's Closet. Hipsters shop there, yes, but they also donate all the clothing they pass on to "Dominick’s mobile ministry – a not-for-profit mobile service established in 1995, which distributes customer clothing to the needy, homeless, and to churches throughout new york and pennsylvania." taken from the Beacon's Closet website.

They also donate financial proceeds to a nice list of charities. So WAY TO GO CUNY COMMUNITY. Sharing with your community and donating.

CUNY Law loves clothing swaps. Many thanks to all those who brought in, swapped out, and stopped by and considered the joy of sharing rather than consuming.

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