Saturday, May 1, 2010

finals are upon us BUT

this blog needs to say something about the increasingly horrendous disaster in the Gulf.

Obama shelves new drilling as oil hits La. - Environment-

This is a particularly bitter use of the political winds. Do massive environmental disasters have staying power in the American memory? Will the push for new drilling in the Gulf start at the end of his first term, or will he hold off till the Democrats need a pick up in the midterms of his second term?

The pictures of the ducks still stand out in our memory from the Exxon Valdez spill and now they're back in the media. Look, the NYtimes at least remembers that for some reason concern for the birds is at the top of the list 'things we need to feature because because people care about it':

here's the link to that article.

It doesn't need to be said, but CUNY Law Green Coaltion is going to say it anyway: Wind turbines don't spill.

Meanwhile in school land: Where do we put the compost machines???

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