Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Left Hook

Here's the lineup of 'green' panels for this year's Left Forum, which will be held at Pace University. I've been for the past couple years - its an eclectic mix of activists, intellectuals and concerned citizens looking to dialogue on contemporary issues from a left perspective - and that definitely means different things to pretty much everyone there.

ecology and environment

Capitalist Crisis, Energy and the Commons
The Debate Over Green Capitalism, Technofixes and Reforms
Reclaiming Life
Money, Barrels, and Change
Science for the People
Convergences and Strategies from the Emerging Global Climate Justice Movement
Building Sustainable Communities, Beyond Green and Into Social Sustainability
Overcoming Capitalist Ecological Degradation through Ecosocialism
Global Warming and Society- What changes should students fight for?
The Case Against Centralized Thermal (Nuclear and Coal) Power
Strategies for Addressing the Climate Change Crisis: A Challenge to the American Left
Withering Energies? Oil and the Financial Crisis
Yes We Will!: Organizing to Bring Real and Lasting Social and Environmental Justice


Political Economy of the Globalized Food System
Grow It, Sell It, Cook It, Serve It, Eat It: Sustainable Alternatives in Food Production, Preparation and Distribution
Food Sovereignty: Indigenous and People’s Control Over Their Own Food Production
The Food Democracy Movement: Organizing fo a Healthy, Sustainable, and Socially Just Food System

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paula z. segal said...

From Frank Deale, awesome:

Dear Community,

For those of you not already familiar with Left Forum, it is the largest annual US gathering of left organizers, activists, artists and scholars in the United States. Organized by the CUNY Grad School Dept. of Sociology, it is held every spring in New York City. This year’s gathering will be the weekend of April 17-19 at Pace University in downtown Manhattan.

For the first time, CUNY Law will be sponsoring its own panel, entitled “Left Lawyering in the Age of Obama.” The panelists will discuss the enhanced opportunities for left lawyering presented by the existence in Washington of an administration that articulates sympathy towards human and civil rights, and query specifically what the Obama Administration should do to assist lawyers engaged in front line struggles for justice. In addition to discussing opportunities, panelists will also address the special challenges presented when doing progressive legal work in times of massive economic crisis.

Our panelists are:

Frank Deale (Chair) - Professor, CUNY Law School

Marianne Lado - General Counsel, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest

Mimi Rosenberg - Attorney, Legal Aid Society (CUNY Law '87)

Sameer Ashar - Clinic Director, CUNY Law School

Vincent Warren - Executive Director, Center for Constitutional Rights

The specific date and time of our panel have not yet been set, but plan now to spend time that weekend with people from all over the world assembled to discuss a wide range of pressing social justice topics. I will post the exact time and day when they are available. Scholarships are available for those of low income, as are group rates.

To see a full list of panels go to: