Thursday, March 12, 2009

Queens Farm!

Can we take a field trip?
It's really close to school.


paula z. segal said...

I just sent "the farm" this note:

Dear Queens Farm,

I am writing on behalf of the Green Coalition at the CUNY Law School, your neighborhood public institution in Flushing, Queens, that promotes "Law in the Service of Human Needs." We would love to find a way to partner with the Queens Farm to bring an awareness of agriculture and food as a human need into our institution and to possibly bring the actual products of the Queens Farm on the the CUNY Law campus for student consumption. Do you have any ideas about how our institutions can help each other? It'd be great to start a dialogue.

The Green Coalition is new this year at CUNY and we are working hard to bring an awareness of the breadth of issues that encompass the "green" movement into the law school's institutional practice. We are starting a composting initiative, hosting an electronic rideshare board to encourage carpooling and working to get a green roof onto our building, among other initiatives. Check out our blog at .

I am looking forward to hearing form you.


Paula Z. Segal
J.D. Candidate 2011
CUNY School of Law
Green Coalition Member

paula z. segal said...

The farm wrote back:

Hello Paula,

I received your e-mail last week, I apologize for not getting back to
you sooner...fortunately it has been unusually busy. We are very interested
in talking with you to determine how we can work together.

Our Director of Agricultural, Michael Grady Robertson, is on vacation,
he will be back in the office on Monday, March 23rd. Michael will contact
you next week to get our discussion going.