Wednesday, September 2, 2009

CUNY GC Alumni Mixer

CUNY Green Coalition is going to be having an alumni/student meet-n-greet this month. If you are an alumni or interested student, please contact

We're looking forward to meeting with alumni who have an interest in environmental issues and/or work in the environmental law field. We'll speak about what Green Coalition has accomplished over the past year and what we're planning for this coming year.

We're so excited to speak with our amazing alumni who represent CUNY so well in the legal professional. You have attained what we are working so hard now to achieve and we can't wait to reach your ranks. Students at CUNY are always eager to hear the ways in which the unique public interest lawyering education we are receiving has been utilized by alumni to craft their own individual careers. It will be extra inspirational for Green Coalition members to hear about how professionals working with environmental law and policy have kept the CUNY spirit alive post-graduation and integrated it into your practice.

We'll be meeting at a great bar in Manhattan in the next few weeks.

We're looking forward to seeing you there!

- CUNY School of Law Green Coalition

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