Thursday, September 3, 2009

Waste Audit Spring '09 Results

Hey All! Just thought I'd re-post our results from the audit all of us greens pitched in and performed last semester. We calculated the results, and boy were they startling! (100+ lbs of paper were thrown out - not recycled - in 24 hrs!) We are planning on undertaking another one at the same time this year!

CUNY Law Green Coalition Waste Audit Results: Contents of Campus-Wide Garbage, 24-hr. period, April 14-15, 2009

WASTE in WEIGHT(lbs) or NUMBER (*):
Recyclable Plastics (bottles) 52*
Non-recyclable plastics 78.1 lbs
(plastic bags, utensils,
food containers, etc.)

Recyclable Paper 100.4 lbs.
Non-recyclable paper 102.25 lbs.
(paper towels, napkins, etc.)
Beverage Cartons (milk, orange juice) 37*
Coffee Cups 316*

Meat/dairy/oils 49*
(industrially compostable materials)
Compostables (eggshells, fruit peelings) 65 lbs.

Recyclable metals (including cans) 2.5 lbs.
Non-recyclable metals (tinfoil, etc.) 1.5 lbs.

Recyclable glass (bottles) 19*
Non-recyclable glass ---

Appliances/Electronics 3*
Misc. Inorganics (trash) 59 lbs.
Household Hazardous (chemical bottles) 7*

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Michele said...

This was one of the best things I did at school! Thanks Laura.